The TV show Vikings is a bloody and gory show, and the opening title sequence does an excellent job foreshadowing this aspect of the show for its audience. One of the most eye catching features of this title sequence is the unique transitions during the 52 second video. The beginning of the sequence shows rain hitting water, with the camera moving down under the water just as quick as we are shown the surface. The majority of the sequence depicts an underwater scene, showing what seems to be people slowly drowning as well as pieces of value and parts of a boat; at the end we are shown a shot of someone looking up from under the water to the bottom of some boats, keying us in to some kind of shipwreck or storm occurring. The transitions between the short “scenes” in the sequence are abrupt and fast moving. Throughout the sequence, we are shown a person bit by bit, slowly falling deeper into the water- the creators use this as a sort of build up to who it is that is drowning, leaving their audience on the edge of their seats from the first few seconds. In between the shots of drowning, we see very fast paced shots of bloody hands and ripping flesh, showing us very quickly just how violent the show will show itself to be. There are also scenes of the ocean crashing onto giant rocks with a gray and gloomy sky behind it, leaving us with a sense of dread and hopelessness at what the show will bring. The creators also included the aspect of fire into a few short clips, using this imagery to combat the gray and gloom of the stormy ocean and dark skies with a bright and shocking transition to portray a different kind of violence than what comes with the gray of the ocean. A woman is revealed to us to be the character slowly drowning underwater, but she seems to be alive as her eyes are open; there is also a man shown grabbing onto her, portraying a kind of tragic romance between them in this imagery. In one of the last shots, we see half the face of the man from before, but this time it is him slowly drowning, and with no signs of life, staring up at the ships above him. This imagery gives off a very dark and fatal attitude, telling us that the show will involve much death and in dramatic and tragic ways. The lighting throughout the majority of the sequence is dark and gray, portraying a sense of doom. There are a few quick flashes of color, including the images of fire and blood, portraying a different kind of violence and destruction. This title sequence has no words other than the names of the actors in the show; these names are also in a gray color and slowly fade out like the woman slowly drowning during most of the sequence. The images themselves would be considered slow moving, almost as if they were in slow motion, while the transitions are very fast moving and almost impossible to catch all of if you are not paying close attention. There are many different images shown in the short 52 seconds of the sequence, creating a confusion between whether or not it would be considered fast or slow moving as a whole. Overall, the sequence is dark and mysterious, leading its audience to believe that the show holds much danger, war, and death by showing quick flashing images of shattered shields, bloody hands, and things burning, all while slowly showing a woman and a man drowning. The music in the entirety of the sequence is a kind of ominous and looming sound, with the voices singing sounding low and creepy, and dragging out their words just like the slowness of the people drowning. At the very end of the sequence, the music suddenly gets much louder and harder on the ears, almost as if to foreshadow the show would lead up to something big and intense. The last thing we see is the name of the show, Vikings, in the middle of the screen with a dark and stormy ocean behind it. Then, a wave crashes as if it’s going to come right through the screen and drown the viewer in its monstrousness; this provides a rush of adrenaline at what is going to come in the show after the sequence is over.