Navigating Space: Finding Your Way Metric Motors

Metric Motors is a car dealership located at 11461 NC-210, Benson, NC 27504, owned by my father. It is very easily accessible as it is right on a very popular main road, designed to be passed by thousands of people per day near other businesses such as Waffle House. Before you enter the gravel pathway, large advertisement flags with multi colors and checkered print are seen placed in front of the cars to grab the attention of potential customers. The checkered pattern is commonly associated with racing and cars and symbolizes what the business is about to customers before they gain more information inside. A variety of used cars are neatly aligned in rows at the front of the business towards the road to catch the eye of passing cars. Each car is clean, in good condition, and has information of the details of the car posted on the windows. The way the cars are organized allows space for customers to freely and easily walk around and browse what they like. There are also parking spaces right by the entrance, convenient for customers to get in and out and not have to look for parking.There is shrubbery and trees planted in front of the car lot and surrounding the business for a natural aesthetic and to fill empty spaces. A big sign is located in front of the cars with bright yellow letters on a black background. I think the owner chose this color combo because it is eye-catching and goes well with the sleek design image of the logo. The image uses creativity in replacing the wheels of a car with a handy car tool. The building is behind the car lot, designed to not make customers feel inclined to have to talk to someone about purchasing a car, but have the freedom to make their way to the building at their own time and will. Inside the building of the dealership is a comfy chair for customers to feel comfortable and welcomed, leading to a big desk that clearly directs the customer to the owner for any inquiries. Behind the desk is a large poster of the Metric Motors Logo and contact information as a reminder and easy access to any contact information. The atmosphere is pleasant, professional and clean but most importantly, inviting as you see the detailed table decors and peaceful paintings on the surrounding walls. Next to the left of the main building is a newly built mechanic garage to service the cars for sale, which adds a reassuring feeling of getting a maintenance well serviced car before you leave.  I would say the business is neat and well-run by the management, although they could add more advertisement around the outside premise of the dealership that goes with the theme of the business along with the flags.