Navigating Space: Prismatica Kaleidoscope Experience

This past weekend I visited The Streets of Southpoint mall in Durham, North Carolina. Although I initially went there just to do some shopping, I ended up running across an interactive art piece titled the Prismatica Kaleidoscope Experience. 

This unexpected art piece consists of 25 six-foot holographic prisms that pedestrians are able to spin. Each prism creates a rainbow-colored reflection depending on the angle you view them from, and you could see a mirror-like reflection of yourself inside of the prisms. 

I believe that the designers/artists were very intentional with how they placed their art. They had to successfully use the courtyard, a circular area with previous structures in it, to create a completely immersive experience. Additionally, the use of rainbow reflections created a very specific atmosphere. Since I visited during the day, this atmosphere was bright and it almost felt like standing inside of a rainbow in the sky. However, if I would have visited after the sun sets it would have been an entirely different vibe. 

If I could change one thing about the Prismatica Kaleidoscope Experience it would be the coverage of the electric cables on the ground. The covers were bulky and plastic, and they were colored black and orange. They kind of threw off the aesthetic of manmade art being in collaboration with a natural environment. Even though these electrical covers were unsightly, they were there to avoid tripping hazards so I understood the need for them. 

It seems like the purpose of this art exhibit was to bring color into a somewhat stagnant environment. Although the Streets of Southpoint has a lot of human foot traffic, the environment is filled with neutrals and these prisms added a welcome change. While I was there, it was fun to see people of all ages enjoy the art experience and I think that it brought a nice change to the shopping center.