Navigating Space: Arhaus Furniture Store

I chose to take a trip to Crabtree Valley Mall in order to find an interesting space to explore. Crabtree Valley Mall is a large mall but there was only one store that caught my attention. I found Arhaus Furniture Store very striking. I have been to many other furniture stores but this one seem more unique than the other ones. When you first walk into the store, you are instantly greeted by a beautiful display of patio furniture. This sets the tone of what the store brings to the table. The vibe that I get from the designers of this store is a “classy” vibe. This store is targeted towards individuals who are upper middle class. The furniture looked high-end and there were all types of fancy chandeliers, like the ones you would see in a mansion.

Navigating throughout the store, you will see a variety of displays that focus on different aspects of the house. Each display uses different materials, colors, and designs. For example, you can find an office room display that uses light colors as its base. You will see mainly whites, light blues, and golds within that specific office room. There was another office display that showed a complete opposite design from the other one. In this design we see more blacks and other darker colors. The store offers different options to satisfy your specific needs. The object arrangement felt very “homey” meaning that everything that needed to be in a home was there and in the correct position.

The lighting of the store was very warm compared to other furniture stores. Lighting in other furniture stores such as IKEA, are very bright and blinding which is does not produce a comfortable feeling. I would not change much about this space. They do a good job making it feel like you are in your own house. They use many different materials and colors in their displays. The only thing I would change is the layout of the store. I do feel that some of the displays should have been put in different areas because the style of that display did not match the wall. For example, there was a display that had many dark colors and materials, but the background did not match that display making it look out of place.