Navigating Space: Talley Student Union

The designers of the Talley Student Union placed an emphasis on natural lighting in order to make it seem as welcoming and inviting as it could be. The materials used throughout the building make it appear modern to visitors which could be possibly used to reflect that NCSU as an institution is academically up to date with its academics and research. Although it might be a bit of a stretch, Talley and many of the offices within having many glass walls could possibly represent transparency in how the institution is run. The main interior space within Talley is very open which allows the space to be used for various different purposes such as for students to use tables to advertise organization but it also allows room for larger events such as speeches that require a small stage and seating. This is also communicated when taking notice that all of the seating in the area can be moved around for these various purposes. The emphasis on red throughout Talley is of course used to represent NCSU’s signature red. There are also many decorative pieces are around Talley used to emphasize the vibe of school spirit such as the Talley Wolf Trellis, the lego wolf, and the NCSU seal on the floor. The only thing I could think to change is the stripes along the floor to just a solid color perhaps. Besides that, I think that all of the decorations within the building fit the modern aesthetic, and adding too much could make it appear cluttered. I also enjoy that on each of the different floors, various student organizations are able to advertise their events by hanging up banners which help their marketing in addition to representing student involvement to anyone walking through Talley. Overall the environment symbolizes modernity and professionalism.