Navigating Las Vegas :The Strip

First and foremost I would like to draw some attention to the obvious, in regards to the vibe of the space, it [The Strip, LV] comes off extremely overloaded or congested. Although, I wholeheartedly think that this is by design. The entire space is a tourist attraction essentially, and the constant pulling of attention from one attraction to another keeps up the whole escapade that people go there for. Although it cannot be seen in the photos, while walking at street level, even the people add to the hustle & bustle of all the lights and tall mimicries of structures that carry a good deal of notoriety. During the day The Strip is still something to behold because of the stark contrast it has with the majority of Las Vegas. However, as soon as night hits, you can barely tell because the massive advertising LED light billboards, spotlights, and strips of oscillating lights all shine brightly and permanently throughout the whole night. It is so polluted by light, in fact, that you can literally see the areas shared between the MGM resorts and LV Sands from space. Actually, when I was in Las Vegas for a wedding, and when I took these photos, one of the opinions I voiced to my family from above was that I thought it was astonishingly ugly. Especially looking down on t=The Strip from one of the plentiful highrise hotels, from above it is all just plain concrete roofs and dirty crowded streets. Not to mention the poor transportation planning, never in my life have I found a single road so confusing. But, I’m not here to complain, that was just a minuscule look into some things that I might aim to fix about the space. All-in-all, The Strip looks and feels like the amalgamation of unplanned chaos. Literally, every part of The Strip is garish architecture clashing with even more garish constructions. The hands-off approach to the space design on The Strip has definitely produced a flamboyant, unapologetic, gambling- and entertainment-driven pseudo-city that observers found compelling and repulsive in equal measure.