Navigating Space: “Red Room”

The room hidden in the west wing of DH Hill is commonly referred to as the “Red Room” by many NC State students. This is a room I commonly go to study so I decided it would be interesting to analyze the design of the space. It’s important to note that I honestly do not enjoy the vibe of this room, I actually dislike it a lot. The main reason I go is that its one of the only rooms in the library that isn’t a quiet space. Most students that go here to study end up just socializing with friends. The room is distinct because of the very long red back wall that is surrounded by white walls and furniture. The red is obviously symbolic of NC States school colors however in the space, it comes off very harsh. This is especially because of the lack of lighting in the room, there happens to be a few very slim windows at the very top of one wall. These are the only sources of natural light in the room which makes it a very gloomy space in my opinion. The chairs are characterized by white rubber, net-like backs and seem very modern compared to the outdated dark carpet and space that they occupy. The room is also built to be very long and narrow, thus it already seems very small and the dark colors don’t help with this. Personally, if I were the designer of this room I’d replace the carpet with white tile to brighten the space, add many windows to replace the intense dark red, and also switch the wood tables for the more modern white dry erase tables seen in other parts of the library. For a study space, I think the room needs to be lightened up overall to make it easier to take on the dreadful task of studying.