Ambience of the Atrium


The atrium is a dining location for on and off-campus students that utilize a meal plan or Grubhub. I have frequented this place during my time here, and have come up with an analytical observation of the environment at Atrium during my last visit. Atrium is loud and bright, a favored environment for the American dining experience. The building is connected to DH Hill Library and, while restrained to the more dreary building it is in, the inside combats that with a bright green and red accented furnishing. There are lots of places to sit, but often during meal times finding a table will be a struggle. The interior designers for this place wanted to consider the mindset of a young adult during a busy day, and it seems with this color choice that they wanted a feel of liveliness and go-getting for the average customer. Immediately when entering, a customer is met with people exiting the entrance doors, loud noises, heavy foot traffic, and an array of confusing signs that are supposed to clear up directions for food pickup. There is no designated waiting area for people to wait for orders if they are not ready, so there is also congestion at the doors immediately upon arrival. The lines for food are confusing and disorienting. These problems could be eased with a more purposeful interior design, as simple as a change in the color palette. Eventually, a customer is able to pick up their food and bring it to some seat to eat. The branded “vibe” of this location is confusing, a place for productivity but also for social chaos. Many people come together to eat in this location, so it is loud and hectic at most mealtimes. When the Atrium isn’t super busy, it can be nice, a modern cafeteria design, despite its odd signage and restaurant placement. The arrangement of the place is not very purposeful, and that is probably because it was made to fit in the library building, not because the building fits the aesthetic needs of the dining location.