Navigating Stafford Commons


Walking through Stafford Commons, right outside of Talley Student Union, I feel a sense of calmness. On a nice, warm day there will be students all around swarming the grass areas with spike ball and picnics and sometimes even little concerts. This area is the perfect place to study and hangout with friends. When the weather recently changed to being warm and beautiful it made me feel happy just walking through to grab my coffee from Port City Java and seeing everyone just enjoying the weather.

The designer of this space used diagonal and curved lines to make the space feel larger. There are not many straight lines and there are many plants which helps the space feel warmer and more inviting. There are also bridges and seating places. There aren’t many colors used, mainly just the green of the grass and the red of the surrounding brick. Something else that makes it feel “warm” and “inviting” is that it’s nickname is Talleys backyard, when you think of backyard many think of home, which tends to be “warm” and “inviting”.

Another thing to note about Stafford Commons is how many different routes you could take. You could go straight down the middle, the sides, or you could do some zig zags. It is up to you based on where you need to go and what path you want to take. The light source is mainly produced by the sun and at night there are a few street lights. The sunlight is one of my favorite parts of this space. I think Stafford Commons was designed very well, the only thing I would personally change would be more seating areas, because on those nice warm days everyone has the same idea and there is only room for a few to sit.