Navigating space of the Gucci Store

In June of 2021 I went to Las Vegas, Nevada for my third time. I went in celebration of my high school graduation. While I was there, I went to the Gucci store at The Shops at Crystals. The Gucci store was located right by one of the entrances to the shopping mall and on the outside, it said Gucci in big golden letters. The outside appearance was very luxurious and pretty. I think they did this to capture shoppers’ attention and lure them into the store. When entering the store, a store associate meets you at the door and assigns an employee to escort you through the store and help you shop. This emphasizes the quality of the store and its products. It ensures that customers are assisted in finding whatever they want or need, and it ensures that customers are supervised considering the price of all of Gucci’s items.  Looking around the store you see a variety of different purses, bags, shoes, accessories, clothes, etc. In the store all of the items are displayed and evenly spaced. The space of the items on display helps highlight each item and helps keep the store looking neat. The displays and tables were Gold and reflective, making them look very high class. Gucci’s floors were white, with a very clean polish. The mixture of Gold, glass, and clean polish give the impression of luxury. This probably helps make sure that customers are careful while walking through the store. The store associates are dressed nicely and professionally carry themselves while assisting the customers. If you choose to buy an item, a store associate will take it to the register for you, where they will wrap, box, and bag the item. The packaging and presentation of your purchased item is put together very carefully. I think it is necessary for Gucci to portray a luxurious and high-class image, because they are expensive, and people want class when they are going to be spending a lot of money.