Arts Village Lounge

The space I chose to investigate is the Arts Village lounge, open to anyone during the day. It consists of artwork and space to work on projects or create new things. It also has a piano area and a space for watching TV on a couch. The lighting in the room can change with switches, but it gives a chill/mellow vibe with the warm lighting. There are spotlight lights on the ceiling that can be turned on to show the paintings on the wall with a museum-like feel. The space has neutral and calming green tones to bring a welcoming environment to those working here. Paintings hung on the walls are student-made works to inspire young minds to create works just like them. The middle of the room is very open so it feels less crowded and so multiple groups can be in the room at the same time. I would want more paintings on the wall to give more creativity to the space. Its color scheme is very bright, I would want more dark tones here and there. However, the interior design elements and seating is well spaced out in the space. The point of the Arts Village is to foster an environment for students to want to get together and create new things. This space is available to anyone who is looking to enjoy their time at NC State. Another part of the room is the kitchen, which is more of a separate room from the rest. This was a good place to have it because it is hidden a little bit and doesn’t take away space from the main room which is the most important part. Overall, this space is perfect for a dorm that is all about creativity and building a community for musicians and artists.