Navigating Space : Vidrios

Analyzing the art forms found throughout this restaurant is no easy feat. This is due to the fact that there are so may different forms of art throughout the building and many different styles represented. The cubical structure over one dining area represents very geometric and sharp lines, whereas the blown glass wall represents abstract art with the variety of colors and shapes. This space could be seen as overwhelming to the senses do to its incoherency in design, but taken piece by piece it is beautiful. The three spaces show are the wall of stained/ blown glass decor, the geometric sculpture and the ceiling details. The ceiling seemed to be the most interesting part for me because it is a combination of different roped patterns and some of them act as a chandelier over the eating space.

Visiting Vidrio’s at night simply adds to the experience of the different art pieces described. The low lighting allows for highlighting the forms and to bring attention to the obscurity of the designs. To an artist eye the environment is invigorating, how in some way all of the pieces and forms make sense with one another. The idea for the space can only be described as segregating off parts of the dining area with different art styles and forms. The uniformity our brain creates with patterns subconsciously separates the whole eating area into three separate areas: up the stairs under the geometric sculpture, the bench seating against the wall of blown glass and the area under the rope formation. In this way, customers can have a different experience each time they eat here, simply by where they are seated. The upstairs is not pictured but represents a separate space as well with a mosaic of different tiles of different designs. The bar at the entrance was, again, treated this way; decorated in a different style for that specific area. Both adding to the separation of the space and creating a new experience for guests.

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  • Zoe Brittain 04/13/2022 on 5:09 PM

    Hi Elizabeth! While researching restaurants in Raleigh to dine at I came across Vidrios. The restaurant is absolutely stunning, particularly the glass installation. A fun fact, Vidrio means glass in Spanish so the owner of the restaurant wanted to have an impactful art piece made of glass as a centerpiece. I decided to look up the artist and his name is Doug Frates, he used silica from Italy to create the 350 glass bowls and orbs for Vidrio. After retiring as a marine, Doug discovered his talent and passion for creating art with glass and was recently named one of the Top 60 Glass Artists in the World, he now owns his own studio called Doug Frates Glass in Ohio and trains other veterans in his field.

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