Spatial Design of Pullen Park

The spatial design at Pullen Park is very open and fun. It is almost designed as if they don’t want people to be persuaded to go a certain way. It is very free and like an adventure. There are many paths to take and each leads to a different attraction. This park is meant mainly for kids so it is an open space and has a lot of things that catch children’s eyes. The buildings are a bright pastel green and signs are brighter colors to attract the young kids attention. The park is also informative and it has a lot of signs about animals and wildlife. The main attraction is a carousel but there is also a train track that wraps around the park and through some structures. There is a playground area for the kids but also trails for all to follow. Deeper into the park there is a pond and some green areas to sit and relax. The park is not only for kids, there is some gorgeous landscape design as you walk around the park and more “sophisticated” areas that adults can visit. This is an outdoor park that closes at sundown. There is not much artificial lighting and it is meant to be enjoyed throughout the day. There is a lot of seating and shade available for hot sunny days. There is also a limited amount of stairs to make it easier on older visitors. I would add some more signage about what trails go where so that kids can learn to make more decisions and that it is known what you are going to see. I wouldn’t change many of the colors at Pullen Park. I think they are subtle yet they communicate the experience of the park and how they want you to experience it. Much of what attracts the children is at the face of the park so that adults and older audiences can enjoy more on the backside of the park. I think the spatial design of the park is very smart and laid out very well. It attracts all people and is a very enjoyable experience/vibe.

Pullen Park Entrance

Informative Signage

Seating and Shade


Greenery and Gazebo

Discussion — One Response

  • Kiara Bush 04/15/2022 on 10:58 PM

    I agree that the space at Pullen Park is very open and up to the user’s choice of where they want to go. I have come here a lot as a Raleigh local and even in recent years have still discovered new sections of the park. I also agree that the color palette of the buildings complements the vast greeneries and numerous trails. I personally have appreciated the many trail options during times that I would go out running. I’m a person who loves to take a different path every day, so for the park to already have this trait built-in makes the experience even more fun and exciting.
    One of my favorite sites is the lake. It attracts wildlife (ducks, fish, many insects) and doubles as an activity for the everyday person via the pedal boats. Available in the warmer months, this is another outlet to connect families and other visitors through this joint activity of moving the boat and providing a unique perspective of the park from atop the lake instead of the usual concrete or grass.
    What I might suggest is having more maps and – if the park were to expand – maybe even different themed trails based on the natural wildlife that would live there. I’m not actually sure if I’ve seen the whole park to this day, even though it’s a relatively small one! This would also give a very natural segue to another interactive element such as a scavenger hunt (think: spotting certain birds or beetles).

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