Navigating Space in the WellRec Center

As an employee at our campuses gym, I spend a lot of time there. My position requires me to walk around all parts of the gym and assist guests when needed, and because it is such a huge space with a new building blended with a century old one. The newly added wellness and recreation center is my favorite part of the building, with the open layout and natural lighting. Going to the fourth floor of the building is one of my favorite spaces especially at sunrise since there are plenty of windows to look out onto the campus. The designers of this space wanted to create a modern architecture to match the aesthetic of the student union across the street. They did so by having an open foyer that allows the guest to take in the plethora of equipment and activities available and also including the neutral grays and reds to contrast. When you enter the main entrance, you have a view of all four floors, the climbing wall, the courts, and all the equipment available. They wanted this space to truly create a culture of wellness and they did so by allowing natural light and a limited amount of cramped spaces that were rather common in Carmichael Gym. While the lighting is accredited mostly to large amount of windows, at night it still holds the same energy, as there are plenty of light fixtures to keep the place looking lively. At main and south entrance, there are spherical and tube light fixtures hanging from the ceiling to give a sense of modernity and promote the avant-garde style of architecture. One part of the construction of this gym done very well is the blending of the new buildings with the old ones, as the basketball courts have windows and doors leading straight into the lobby, and the fitness rooms on the first floor have the open floor plan to match the new fitness spaces, even though it lacks the high ceiling. These open spaces and variety of windows allows NC State to let all the guests know how truly big and extravagant their gym is. If there is one thing I would change, it would probably be utilizing some of the space better, as a lot of the areas feel like filler spaces with equipment like treadmills and study areas. While it looks good to the guests, a lot of the spaces with weights and training machines get overly busy while the cardio areas remain less so. This is less of an issue with the design of the building, but more with the utilizing of the space.

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  • Nicholas Porterfield 04/15/2022 on 11:44 PM

    I also chose this space for this assignment because it is such a big and modern space. I like how you mentioned the natural light from the windows and the cool light fixtures that are hanging in certain areas. In your last few lines, I totally agree with you. The most busiest area is where all the weightlifting equipment is, so I feel as though they should get more equipment in this aspect and maybe get rid of some of the things that aren’t used as much because at certain times of the day, I will have to wait 5-10 minutes to get on a certain machine or to use a certain piece of equipment because there isn’t enough of them.

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