Finding Your Way Through “Cha House”

For this assignment, I chose to write about Cha House—a boba shop cafe on Hillsborough. Despite my biased long-time love for boba, I really do enjoy this place. The space is open with high ceilings which gives a really free and welcoming feeling. The shop has a white, pastel color palette, giving very calming and clean vibes. The space has white walls, some being painted with a light sage going up about a third of the wall. Some walls are accented with white tiles and one big wall is taken up by a black chalkboard—listing their ways to protect the earth by their ways of recycling. And accompanying the wall adjacent to the entrance, they have a projector and screen up, playing movies or music on occasion. Repeated throughout is birch wood, incorporated in the tables, and cabinets. They have a lot of foliage hung from different places; hanging from the ceiling is three big black metal grates, tangled with vines. Plants line the walls and ledges of shelves, adding a pop of color and freshness to the boba shop. The lighting is a warm yellow from the Edison light bulbs, contrasted with the natural lighting coming from the large shop windows. The ambiance is welcoming and modern, and the designers really conveyed that through abstract shapes hanging from the ceiling and the interior design with the furniture. I would maybe change the arrangement of the seating as a lot of the seating seems mismatched, from the sofas to bench seats to tables and stools. I also think the seating towards the back entrance is too busy for the space and makes it difficult to get through. The use of chalkboards to write their menu and other Cha House information remind me of small-business design ‘go-to’s and how they love to target a younger audience in a modern, “fun” way. Though, in my opinion, is often overused these days. They also have ways to order online and check them out on social media which I gather is a way to target younger customers and broaden their scope on marketing.

Discussion — One Response

  • Lavance White 04/07/2022 on 8:02 PM

    I have been to Cha House on Hillsborough Street a couple of times. I love how you picked Cha House because it is a beautiful shop. I like how descriptive you were with the furniture. Personally, I like the way the seating is arranged. The seating gives the customer different options. If the customer is a part of a big study group, they can sit at the large tables in the middle. If a student wants to study alone and have a drink, they can sit at the individual seats near the window. If the student has a friend with them and they are catching up, they can have a drink on the sofa. The seating offers different vibes to the customers or the students. Cha House also uses chalk boards on the doors to the bathroom. The chalk boards on the bathroom door has the word bathroom but it also has it in different languages which helps appeal to the diverse college campus.

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