Hunt Library

For my ‘space design’, I chose to write about James B Hunt Library on centennial campus, here at NC State.  The images taken above are from the second floor, which is a very inviting and open seating area for all. The white based interior really allows the presence of any and all color within the building to pop. The designers use of brightly colored furniture really aids in exemplifying a welcoming atmosphere. The seating arrangements are also seeming color coded according to social interactions. The purple and green seating are for those who wish to sit alone yet be in close proximity with others. The long orange seats are for those who doesn’t mind siting directly next to someone and the teal seating against the large glass windows are for those looking to have their own personal space, away from others. Most libraries don’t have that many windows and it seems as if you’re enclosed within the building, however, Hunt’s design does the opposite of that. I think the large glass windows and the open view to the next floor adds to the “openness” of the environment. As well as the scenery outside, which consists of a couple of garden areas, a large field and a couple of buildings. Which aids in a peaceful setting or onlook while being indoors. Majority of library also has an outdated design which can make people bored or get easily distracted by minor things. The usage of large scale tiles present on the walls, ceiling, floor and windows provides a more modern feel to the design; as well as the lighting system on the ceiling. All of these elements aid in keeping the students and staff essentially awake. I also really appreciate that there aren’t any large book shelves in the middle of the floors within Hunt. Being able to see what’s in-front, beside, above and behind me, makes me feel more at ease during my studies and gives off the feel of security!