Schoolkids Records

Schoolkids Records is a small record store full of various vinyl albums, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, and many other entertainment items for purchase.

When viewing the exterior of Schoolkids, there is nothing much that signifies a record shop from a far distance, but once at the storefront, there is a neon sign of the shop’s name and their fish logo. Above the sunshade in the first photo, there is this awkward blank space. I think there needs to be large signage that reflects the vibe of the store in that space, therefore potential customers can see it from afar. There are also random posters and stickers on the glass door and windows, so you immediately get a glimpse of what the vibe of the interior is even before entering.

The interior style of the store is extremely maximalist and eccentric. The walls are covered in posters of musical artists and movies from various decades. This store does not have one aesthetic, because it must cater to a wide range of music of lovers of all ages. Music for many people is an escape, a way to let loose, and an act of rebellion, so this space is a perfect reflection of those universal feelings toward music.

For the organization of the music, records and CDs are placed in alphabetical order by genre and then by the artist’s name. The labels are white with black, bold, uppercase text for easy navigation through the plethora of music. Vinyl records can be found on the left side of the shop along the wall; very easy to find. CDs are in the middle of the store but there is also a small section tucked away in the right corner near the entrance. The CDs should not be separated like this. I almost left the store before checking the smaller section. I believe the CDs should all be in the middle of the store, so none get overlooked.