PNC Arena: Home of Raleigh Athletic

PNC Arena is not only home to Wolfpack Basketball and the Carolina Hurricanes, but it is also a multipurpose arena meant for bringing entertainment throughout the community. Throughout the concourse, you can find many different designs that fit the color scheme of both NC State and the Carolina Hurricanes (conveniently). The arena bowl itself is also designed in a way to showcase both the NC State and Carolina Hurricanes brandinging with banners, red seating, etc. The lighting in the concourse is dimmer compared to the arena lighting. The concourse is where patrons gather to find food, bathrooms, and walk to their seats. In the arena, the lighting is enhanced over the center of the arena bowl where all the action takes place to pull focus on what is going on. There is a ton of signage in the concourse that is easy for people to follow. It directs you to where the sections are, where the bathrooms are, etc. The signs are also designed in a way to match the font of the numbers over the section entrance, the walls throughout the arena labeling the restrooms, and the paintings inside the arena over the top of the section labeling the section number. I would never think about it if I was not paying attention, but this allows for a sense of continuity throughout the arena. If the design was not consistent I 100% believe it would be very noticeable and unappealing. If I were to change something it would definitely be the lighting in the concourse. It’s dim in a way that it makes the concourse seem unlively. If PNC would change the type of lighting in the concourse then not only would it liven up the place, but it could also enhance the graphics in and around the concourse.