Wild Design at the ACC Championships

My image was from when I competed in the ACC Swimming and Diving Championships. The photo was taken from the opposite side of the pool. I like the graphic design of the logo, but I also think it could benefit from a few changes. Overall, I think that the shape is simple and straightforward. It reminds me of some sort of crest. The ACC on the top is clearly visible and it stands out. The word championships also stands out, which is important because it emphasizes the importance of the meet. It is a conference championship meet, which is different from a regular dual meet. In between the words ‘ACC’ and ‘championships’, swimming and diving is written. It is really small and both words fit onto one line. In my opinion, these words need to be bigger and more emphasized because they are the sports that are being competed at the meet. Someone who may see a sign from far away with this logo might not know what sports were being played at the conference championships. If they knew right away, it might attract more spectators. The last thing I noticed about the logo was the swimmer at the bottom. I think it does a great job at illustrating the sport, but I think that they should also add a diver. The meet is swimming and diving. The points are combined, and the teams are one unit, so I think that both sports should get represented on the logo. This is another aspect that could mislead spectators into thinking that there was only swimming going on, not diving. I like the fonts that they chose, because it complements the font that the official ACC conference logo uses for all of its sports. It is bold and clearly read with no confusion.