The title sequence of Venom is a movie featuring an anti-hero character from Marvel Comics. Moreover, there are the three design elements in the title sequence that caught my eye: the color palette, illustrations, typography, and music.

The color palette of this title sequence is composed of three colors: red, black, and white. The use of red gives the title sequence an edgy and dangerous vibe. Red, in this case, represents the blood that the victims of Venom poured or Venom’s thrust for blood. Then, the black and white colors are the color palette of the creature, Venom. Also, the colors have high contrasts and saturation, specifically white. Yet the particular texture makes the colors look like they have lower saturation.

Moreover, the illustration has interesting, detailed textures that remind me of black ink or blood spreading on textiles or a clear liquid but from the perspective of a microscope. It also seems to represent the sticky texture of Venom, the creature. These techniques seem to be made in a digital medium such as Illustrator and Photoshop.



As for the typography, it is rather as simple as the color palette. The simple font helps to balance the detailed illustration while the color helps the letterforms to connect with the main theme. The font is a legible sans-serif that shifts from only black or white, with the exception of the beginning of the video. Yet, the transitions of the letterforms are interesting because they look like a representation of Venom’s movement.

Also, by creating tension and rhythm, the music amplifies the edginess of the colors and illustration. The beat is stark and loud, which is characteristic of the genre of this particular song: hip-hop and rap. It also creates tension as the animation shifts from frame to frame. The music is excellently synched with the animation.


Overall, all of the elements give an edgy tone and a tense, creepy, even dangerous ambiance. They also are an abstract representation of the movie’s main character, Venom.