Navigating a Student Union

The space that I will analyze is our university’s Talley Student Union. Talley consists of multiple areas that contain different vibes and environments, so I will break it down into three: the eating, lounging, and studying areas.

For the eating spaces located in Talley, you will usually find lots of tables that consist of more than two chairs. The areas are typically loud and the spaces are more compact. They are located around the different restaurants located within the building, such as Tuffy’s diner or Los Lobos. The tables and chairs are different than those at other places and they make you feel as if you are in a casual cafeteria, especially with the tiled floors. The lighting is brighter and surrounded by windows. If you go looking for a place to work or study, this would not be the most productive place because of how loud it can get. I think the designer could have utilized the NC state colors a bit more because the green and black chairs do not make much sense.

The studying spaces are typically on the higher floors. It is much quieter since students go there to work; however, it is not as quiet as it would be in a library. The lights are usually brighter and there are more tables and chairs of different varieties that help put students in a studious mood. You could sit at a 4 person table, a 2 person table, or just a randomly placed seat. The lack of singular spaces makes it a bit frustrating to find somewhere to sit since people take up an entire table for themselves. I appreciate the red chairs that help represent the NC state spirit and the carpeted floors that make it quieter when people walk around. I think the design could improve in terms of table/seating placement and navigation, since there are manyrooms and auditoriums that are harder to locate.

The lounging spaces are a mix of eating and studying, where students can go to do work, eat, or just hang. The tables and chairs are much more casual with earth. You could sit at a couch, a table, or a booth. The lighting is relatively dim which adds to the more relaxed environment. It even extends to an outside area where students can gather. These places are usually louder as well since it is dense with tables that are in closer proximity. I think that the design for the lounge areas are effective and thoughtful, since you can choose the area to do whatever you need done. The carpet adds to the vibe as well since it gives a much more relaxed and chill environment.


Overall, the different areas in Talley typically succeed in terms of what they are supposed to do, and the design for each is thoughtful for the environments.