Wild Design- Candle

When thinking about design in the wild, I looked on my desk to see this candle. It caught my eye for this assignment because I really enjoy the label on it. It’s very simplistic yet interesting. I love the use of the color purple, not only because it is lavender scented but also because it is a very relaxing color to look at. The text is also a very calming, thin script that is easy to read. I like that the description of the candle is all lower case, it gives off this very soft, gentle feeling that is not aggressive at all. Another element I really like is the little image in the corner. It is sort of hard to see in my picture but it’s a little image that says made with essential oils. I like the little circular shape with the text inside of it, I think it looks really cute and doesn’t distract from the bigger words on the label. I think there can be a lot done with candle labels, and I appreciate that this one is simple, and fits with the theme of the scent. It’s very simple and relaxing, which is exactly what the artists was most likely going for.