Shampoo Caught in The Wild


I found this shampoo bottle in the depths of Target and was immediately captivated by its bright colors and minimal look. I loved how the word “Native” was centered and surrounded by a lot of white space. It creates a nice contrast from the bright colors that is formulated into a rectangle (the border). The typography of the word also makes it appealing because of it being uppercase and titled at a 180 degree angle, this adds emphasis. The brand name “Baked by Melissa” is in a scribe-like, handwritten font. This creates a more personal or homey feel to the product, which I enjoyed. The silhouette of the cupcake was also a nice addition, but I wish that it was in a different location on the bottle. It is in an odd placement and the eye does not immediately catch it and comes off as a second thought. The words at the bottom are also in a simplistic font. This adds to the minimalistic look of the product and ultimately makes me feel like the shampoo would make my hair feel cleanly and sweet.