Bills Mafia Wild Design

As a huge Buffalo Bills fan, I keep up with a lot of their Instagram posts, and this one, reposted from Pro Football Focus, caught my attention with its eye-popping visuals. I’m a big fan of the Bills logo and colorways, and I think this graphic does a great job of utilizing the contrast of the blues and reds. It almost reminds me of a Star Wars movie poster, with various action poses of the heroes ranging in different sizes. The use of the red rectangles placed behind Josh Allen’s poses helps accentuate the white against the red. The composition is made much more exciting and geometric with the shapes laid out, and the blue turf at the bottom allowing Josh to have something to stand on is a nice touch too. The way the rectangles mask and frame Josh into it is well done, as the only parts that overlap and expand from the limitations of the shape are his head and the ball. It gives a sense of dimensionality to the photos of Josh and makes each of the photos pop even more.

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  • Paige Emore 03/01/2022 on 2:20 PM

    I am not a huge football fan, but one of my favorite things about it is the unique design that is often shown on TV and on social media. This one in particular is really cool, the way the images and colors work together, it makes for a great graphic. I think in sports a designer can be particularly creative in the layout of their design and pictures they use. This is a great design, thank you for sharing!

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