Wild Design

In light of recent events in and around campus, I thought talking about this mural I came across in the free expression tunnel. Recently there have been lots of unsettling moments that has gotten community members and students feeling uneasy about being on campus. And it is with wonderful art like this that can help people mourn and feel a little safer when walking around campus. This is in remembrance of a student who has tragically passed away and depicts his dreams and admirations in life. Hopefully with art like this people can feel comfort and know they are not alone in their struggle.

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Benjamin Biedrzycki 02/28/2022 on 9:16 PM

    Never got to see this mural but it looks amazing, thank you for sharing it. The freedom of expression can have a very wide spectrum, but this work definitely falls on a positive side of it.

  • Brionne Evans 03/08/2022 on 11:38 PM

    I’ve seen this mural several times, and I think it’s very well done. It is definitely something positive in the tunnel. I think it has gained a lot of respect and admiration as well, considering that it has not been painted over yet. Typically, different art in the tunnel is painted over within aa week.

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