Wild Design: Fit Crunch

I practically buy one of these FitCrunch protein bars practically everyday and it wasn’t until recently that I took a look at it’s design because of this class.  I love seeing the cross-sectional part of the protein bar since it advertises in its packaging heavy that its a baked bar and shown barely at the top in red “6-layer baked bar”.  I also like the emphasis on “Fit” being tall and sharp, similar to how you’d expect a fit person to be and also the emphasis on “Crunch” having imperfect font and edges that just say to the customer that the protein bar is crunchy.   I also like the use of bright colors like the bright yellow and red used that contrast each other but still stand out from others.  I love the design on this protein bar and the design was probably the original reason that I decided to try this protein bar.  They gained a customer through good food and a nice design that speaks out to the viewer.