Stars and S’mores

I saw this poster hanging around campus and outside my elevator for a couple weeks. It caught my eye because it is blue and everything else on campus is red.  I like the three different fonts that were used except the first one is a little basic and less eye-catching. It is smart that they added the QR code to scan as people who are walking by will not want to be bothered with searching for the url. I dislike how basic it is with one background color and small stars in the opposite corners. They definitely could have used a better design that could have helped the whole poster flow from each section of information to the next. I think they should have definitely added a fire or marshmallow on a stick to the background because right now it’s only focusing on the nighttime and stars portion of the event. It could have used a better design and maybe more colors to make it more effective and make people want to look and read it.