The New Yorker Magazine

I came across this example of graphic design in a book I own titled Iconic Magazine Covers, this example is an image of the published cover for The New Yorker Magazine shortly after 9/11. I find this magazine cover to be respectful, but ominous in its subtlety. The artists of the cover are Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly who originally wanted to do a plain black cover, but it was suggested they add the two towers and create a black on black image. The artist was surprised that it had as much of an effect on the viewer as it did because the towers are “in between being there and not being there.” Many viewers did not catch the two towers at first glance, assuming it was a black cover, but later the towers would jump out and reveal themselves and many noted being overwhelmed with emotion. This magazine cover caught my attention in its simplicity and impactfulness, I became even more interested in the process and result of its creation through reading the backstory and impact it had on people during this time.