Pillow Thoughts: Depicting Heartbreak

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart is a collection of poems written by Courtney Peppernell, geared to comfort individuals experiencing heartbreak. I recently found and bought this book, as I was drawn to its cover art. From the front to the back, dark colors are blended to depict deep ocean water, representing the dark and low point of heartbreak and its emotions. Additionally, there is only one ocean creature shown: a jellyfish. Not only does this demonstrate isolation, but it also shows that the one person/thing/circumstance that has always been there for someone now “stings” – a harsh remnant of the past. The jellyfish is wrapped around a pink heart, the brightest color on the cover, that shows thin yet visible cracks. To me, it symbolizes that the heart is trying to heal itself while still having trouble escaping “entanglements” (shown by the venomous jellyfish tentacles) of the past. Contrary to its negative connotation, the jellyfish is also metallic and shiny in color, potentially signifying the goodness that there once was in something that now poisons the heart while it is trying to heal.