CEOs Tropes in Media: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos tropes

I am doing my trope on the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Many see him to be a revered billionaire in charge of providing the public with an assortment of products and giving many people work due to his introduction of factories around the world. Others see him as another tycoon unapologetically milking his employees for long hours at low wages and flaunting the wealth that is generated by their hard work, while some struggle to get by. Whether he is loved or hated however, he has proved by his undoubtedly successful ventures and nearly $300 billion net worth, why he is the richest man on the planet.

This is a paparazzi shot of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Trope #1

Jeff Bezos on the cover of CEO magazine (May, 2019). Under his name says the subcaption “The reason behind his $145 billion smile,” showing that this magazine is praising Bezos for his achievements in the business world by honoring him with an article about him, and his face pasted on the front cover. As the other titles show (i.e., WHO REALLY MAKES THE BEST CEO: CFO, COO, or CMO? or Liquid Gold: Why Whiskey Is A Sound Investment), the magazine as whole focuses only on business, making the positive opinions about Jeff Bezos significantly higher than a more general magazine. The meaning of this magazine is to show positive economic and entrepreneurial impacts of certain people or businesses.


Jeff Bezos Trope #2

This is a poster of Jeff Bezos being sold on Displate (an online poster catalog) for $44. The quote on his face says “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful – Jeff Bezos.” For this example, the quote by Bezos is used in a form of motivation. It motivates someone to spend their life in the most optimal way possible, even if that means getting rid of people who slow you down. Whether the quote was used in a positive or negative way, it was seen as motivational to the degree that it was turned into a poster. The meaning behind this poster is to show that people have uses that can help themselves and others instead of just being a burden – and if they are a burden, then life could be better or more productive without them.

Jeff Bezos Trope #3

This was a picture made in relation to a post by user Ric G on, published in June, 2021. This picture is a part of a petition to not let Jeff Bezos back onto the planet after his lunar voyage. In the description for the petition, Ric G commented that “Billionaires should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there.” Attached to the post is a link to an article, which criticized Bezos for spending his money to build a rocket that went into space for a full automated, 11 minute joyride and compared him to Dr. Evil from the movie Goldmember. The meaning of this trope is, though seemingly a joke, to attack the idea of wealth being used as a substitute for experiences and how wealthy people can easily bypass any circumstances they want as long as they keep throwing out money.


May 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine NA