88.1 WKNC Dscvr Nox

I spotted this student radio flier in the free expression tunnel, and there are a few reasons it really stuck out to me. A full bleed black and white flier isn’t something you often see around campus. Maybe at a concert venue or record store, but this really stood out from the other predominantly white posters in the tunnel. Als, the light colored posters tend to get drawn on top of by people freely expressing themselves, but this flier leaves no where for anyone to deface it. On top of that, the white graphics are super high contrast and eye-catching. The design itself is minimal, drawing its power from the negative space, repetition of the title, and text hierarchy. The logo and additional information are small, and wouldn’t be noticed upon first glance. This gives the flier an overall sense of mystery and secrecy, while still conveying the message clearly.