Crosses as Tropes in Media

Tropes can be found all throughout the world in different societies. Things can be taken from their original meaning or setting and interpreted in different ways for different people. One trope in society is the cross. There are various uses for the cross in today’s society. A well-known use of the cross is a general symbol of Christianity. Christians use the cross as a representation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many times, the cross is used in this way on Bibles, in Christian Churches, and general Christian decor. Personally, when I see crosses, I think of Christianity. In addition to Christianity, crosses also are an overall symbol for faith. The reasoning for this is still connected to Christianity. The cross symbolizes Jesus’ faith as he went on the cross and demonstrated trust and reliance upon God. The Cross can mean something completely opposite of Christianity when it’s put in a different context. When the cross is turned upside down it can stand for satanism. Many question how the inverted cross became a satanic symbol, since Peter died upside down on a cross. Here are some explanations of why the upside-down cross may have become a satanic symbol. Satanists worship the Devil as their god. Satanists hate the preaching of the Gospel and the story of Christ’s death on the cross. This is why they turn the traditional cross upside down. It is a sign of rejection to the message that the cross generally gives. It is also a form of mockery towards Christianity. Daniel Walker claimed that since many satanists are secret in their religion, some satanists may use upside down crosses because they are easy to disguise. Satanists may wear inverted crosses, get them tattooed, or use them for decorations, just as Christians may do with a traditional cross. Inverted Crosses may also be seen in satanic places of worship, or in a scene where satanic rituals take place. Although an upside-down cross may be an indication of satanism, it is not the overall satanic symbol. The Church of Satan claims that the Sigil of Baphomet is their prime symbol. While Baphomet is their prime symbol, they say that Satanists may use the inverted cross freely throughout their worship. Scary movies also often use upside down crosses to depict satanic worship or demonic entities. The third way that a cross is seen is as vampire repellent. Rather or not vampires actually exist, this is what many people think of when they see crosses. In movies, vampires are often avoided or scared away by crosses. The back reasoning for this is that whoever held the cross was scaring away the vampire mainly by his faith. Although that’s the background reason many people don’t know of it and interpret it as holding a cross up will scare away a vampire. Many people also joke about wearing a necklace or chain with a cross because it will scare away the vampires. This is a less serious meaning and view of crosses opposed to the first two. Most people don’t believe in vampires or think about them often. While crosses probably have many different uses and meaning to different people. Christianity, Satanism, and Vampire repellent are well known ones throughout society. Context can be really important in determining its meaning.



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