thank u next

This body mist bottle is part of Ariana Grande’s perfume collection that I recently purchased. I liked the different shades of pink that the bottle included (cloudy, solid, and metallic) to divide the sections of the bottle between the cap, body (title of product), and end (product description). Additionally, I thought that the different colored font above the central black “thank u next” title was eye-catching, as it reminded me of rippling water or a “fuzzy” television screen in the way that the font was spliced. I also thought that it was interesting and purposeful to have Grande’s name in a different font compared to the title of the perfume, possibly to bring equal attention to her name/brand despite the font size being smaller and less centralized. The three-sectioned heart, broken apart and even further divided by different colors and patterns, could signify the detachment from love and relationships that the perfume title emphasizes. The perfume title itself works as an advertisement for Grande as well because it shares the same title as her hit album and song.