Hot & Spicy Chicken by MARUCHAN

I chose Maruchan Instant Lunch for my ‘wild design’ post this month. I chose this design because there’s a lot visual elements being incorporated onto such a small surface but it works well together. Maruchan is known for being the iconic instant ramen noodle company and majority of their labels visually are similar yet slightly different based on the flavor. I personally love how the typography never changes in-between flavors yet the images do, it allows room for change and cohesiveness in their products. Each flavor packaging also showcases the main ingredient in the background so you know what kind of taste you’re in for!

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Paige Emore 01/30/2022 on 2:35 PM

    I honestly never would have thought about the design elements on a box of ramen, but reading your post makes me want to pay more attention to little things like that! I love the flames and the little yellow gradient behind the logo, it really helps convey that idea of the “hot and spicy” but in a fun way.

  • Xiaoyu Zhou 04/12/2022 on 11:10 AM

    I think the design on the small item will show more about “detail”, “ingenuity” and “summary”. Maruchan Instant Lunch has a nice picture with enlarged font, the impact of color brings different visual experience.

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