on/go COVID-19 Test

The product I selected for this assignment is an on/go covid test. I thought that since this product is simply a covid-19 rapid test, the design on the package would be lackluster. Instead, I found myself interested in how much I liked the packaging design for this product. The contrast between the blue and yellow on the package makes it easy to read and all of the information important to consumers is in the front of the package which is what caught my attention. Additionally, I took notice that the side of the package spells “on” and “go” in simple colorful shapes.

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Olga Khomenko 01/26/2022 on 12:16 AM

    I love this design! It is so juicy, like freshly squeezed fruit juice. Thus appealing and happy, despite this is not the most exciting procedure one can do. I love the color blocking and geometric shapes. I believe this is to put a potential customer into a better or positive mood. The large ON/GO letters tell pretty much everything and the rest is explanational information that is, however, not overwhelming.

  • Nicholas Neikirk 04/06/2022 on 5:43 PM

    I find this design amazing as well. Something that could make someone feel better about going to get a test and finds a fun way to present information. This thought provoking design could also distract people from the anxiety and stress that comes with going to get a rapid test. It might be a quick on and go trip however, it can be stressful waiting for your results to come back. We all know the horrors covid-19 has presented to society and this design is a wonderful way to ease the mind.

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