I recently saw this banner while walking through Talley. The colors and patterns are what initially caught my eye, but I quickly noticed the smaller details and how much I hated them. The first thing that really caught me off guard was the weird highlight on the one line of brown text and how it awkwardly clips around the graphics below it. Almost as if the creator had forgotten to deselect that line before saving. Then, I realized how illegible almost all the rest of the text is. The hierarchy reads title, then event dates, social media, and finally the description of what the organization actually is. It’s basically a wall of information with the wrong text size picked out for each line. They’ve used three different typefaces, none of which really go together, and to top it all off they used a drop shadow on their nice Canva preset background. 

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  • Lissette Gonzalez 01/24/2022 on 3:54 PM

    I completely agree with what you posted about this banner. I immediately thought about how difficult all of the small text would be to read when there is so much of it and the text is white on a super light pink background. There was definitely WAYYYYY too much going on in that banner for any of it to attract a passerby’s attention. They attempted to highlight their event but it’s lost in all of the other information crowding the banner. I think that in order to improve this design they may want to think about condensing the information and only putting down what’s necessary for the event they are advertising along with their social media information so that any people interested can find out more about the organization on those pages. A detail that I also find myself thinking about is that the name of the organization doesn’t immediately make me think of women’s fitness and wellness. Because of this, the organization spends the rest of the banner describing what their organization is.

  • Olga Khomenko 01/26/2022 on 12:07 AM

    I am confident that this is the worst design I have seen in a long time. There are, of course, lousy design pop up left and right, but this giant mess is number 1 on my list of “how not to design.” The color scheme and font are horrid. The colors have no contrast, a pale peach fiasco. I agree that they did so poorly in choosing multiple, not even slightly related fonts. The background of all of this is so random, circles and dots? I have no idea what CHAARG even means, and whatever it stands for, it is too long for abbreviation even. It does explain later that it is some women’s fitness, however….only now rereading it. I understand that this faux of a word probably means “CHARGE” Even so, this is bad because nothing reflects here that someone is in charge, in control, but rather the logo is absolutely out of control. It doesn’t account for what this organization wants to stand for. It is one of those logos when you want to reach out to the organization and offer preliminary help.

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