NeeDoh Stress Ball

I was at a toy store looking for anything that I can fidget with while doing things like reading or listening to lectures. There were lots of eye-popping visuals in the store–saturated colors, high contrast, and big text. The NeeDoh box stood out to me because it made excellent use of a limited space. This cubic box was about 2 inches on each side, and the text fills just about every usable space without overwhelming. The box uses only three colors–bright yellow, bright green, and black–which contrasts many other packages in this store that try to use as many colors as possible. These colors also reflect the glowing nature of the toy. The box also references the type of high-contrast and flowing typography of a poster from the 60’s, which is very refreshing.

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  • Jori Fox 05/10/2021 on 5:17 PM

    The box is extremely eye-catching! I looked up the product as the post only includes the box and the toy is in fact a light cream colored ball that glows in the dark. It is made out of a very durable jelly-like compound that always returns to it’s original shape. The point of the toy is a stress ball that enables the user to get out any frustrations without destruction. The box even includes the suggested age of being ages three and up. I agree that the box has a very 60’s vibe to it and that it does a great job of adding contrast with the black to make the yellow and green letters pop. I looked up Shylling as it is the company that makes this toy and they have quite a few similar products in different color variations all with the idea of being a stress toy. They also manufacture many other types of toys such as a scooter or a set of plates for a little girl. It seems as though they found some success in the stress toy industry as they do have many variations.

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