Baby Got Peach by Colourpop

“Baby Got Peach” is an eyeshadow palette created by the makeup company Colourpop. I really enjoy the lettering and art on the front of the palette. It may be unclear in the photo but the lettering is very reflective gold. It makes the affordable palette feel more expensive. I do wish they had chosen a more interesting font, but the cute peach symbol for the “O” in “Got” makes up for it. The name itself seems to be a play on the term “Baby Got Back”. Both “Back” and “Peach” are synonymous in modern speech for butt. It’s a fun turn on the phrase and accurately represents the colors within the palette.

The names of each shade wrap around the curved undersides of the pans and they are lettered with the same gold as the cover. The use of the peach-colored plastic for the front was a great choice, but its use in the actual palette muddies the colors. Having a white or very pale pink would make the colored shadows stand out better. One thing you may notice is the asterisk at the end of three of the shade names. This is because these shades were deemed “not intended for use in the immediate eye area”. While I appreciate the warning, it really bothers me that a company would include non-eyesafe shadows in an eyeshadow palette.

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  • Amanda Johnson 04/30/2021 on 11:09 PM

    Hello Ellie,

    As a fellow Colourpop connoisseur, I can empathize with your constructive criticism. The brand has a history of including pressed glitters in its palettes, which are not safe for the eyes at all, and the other shades with asterisks are likely pressed pigments (they contain ingredients that may stain, but won’t likely irritate the eye area). I also agree with your notes about the cover: the little peach symbol gives it some added aesthetic value, but the font is boring. I personally prefer the brand’s cardboard palettes, as they are more eco-friendly and often get a bit more creative with the outside design. I think it would be more visually appealing if they were to make the inside of the palette a color that contrasts against the peach tones (maybe a periwinkle blue, or mint green?). I enjoyed reading your post, I love discussing makeup and design and the way they intersect.

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