Airport Art

I selected this art piece at the RDU airport because of all the colors and elements of design it encompasses.  NC State teaches that successful design has an interaction with the viewer that is personal to that viewer.  This particular work of art reminded me of my freshman year roommate’s studio project.  This piece of art is large and uses angles, color, and light to interact with the viewer.  The viewer can have many different experiences with the artwork. Depending on the location of the viewer and the time of day, the experience with this artwork can different.  The light interacts with the small triangles of holographic plastic by shining through the plastic and casting rainbow reflections on the walls and ground.  I loved how the experience can change based on where you are in the airport and where the sun is located at certain times of the day.  This is one of my favorite pieces that can be seen in the RDU airport today.



Discussion — One Response

  • Maddy Kelly 05/04/2021 on 9:59 AM

    I’m so glad you’ve written about airport art/design pieces – airports so often have enormous works that we tend to overlook. I have never thought about the interaction of this particular piece with natural shifts in daylight (makes me want to book a flight at golden hour). Additionally, and I could be wrong, but I believe an NCSU architecture alum had a major role in RDU’s architectural planning, so cool to see the CoD legacy in a major airport!

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