COVID Vaccine Sticker

Design is everywhere, and as the pandemic has become such a normal part of our lives, designers are working toward creating pieces, logos, and infographics to inform the community about what is going on. When I received my COVID vaccine, I received a sticker with a design that matched signs in the building, the website’s graphics, and information on a handout I received. I sat back and thought about how interesting it is that there was a whole brand created for the vaccine iniative.

I appreciate the bright colors and how eye-catching the design of the sticker is. I liked how HOPE is emphasized and used throughout the rest of the branding. It’s clear they want to give people hope of exiting the pandemic, and took focus away from the actual vaccine and more onto the idea behind it. The colors are positive and something about the circle surrounding the words brings a sense of cohensive and togetherness to the design, which is exactly what the community is doing by pushing for the vaccine and working toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Elyse Hill 04/30/2021 on 5:03 PM

    I found your analysis of this logo very interesting. I haven’t really thought heavily on the aspect of people taking the chance to brand Covid-19 vaccines. I think this a smart way to encourage individuals around the world to do their part to keep the community safe and get vaccinated. I find it interesting how this sticker really emphasizes HOPE and I feel the bright colors also relate strongly to this main theme of hope and a bright future for individuals who get a vaccine. I believe the bright colors are meant to create a sort of playful feel within the design to element any negative feelings about Covid-19 and the vaccine. The playfulness is used in a way to suggest safety or a celebration of the accomplishment in receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. It makes individuals feel they have reached a point of success in the area of health within their lives. After looking further into the aspect of Covid-19 vaccine branding, I found that other campaigns have been made by companies such as Pfizer and BioNTech to encourage the public to get the covid vaccine. These companies have been found to use Public Service Announcements consisting of homemade videos that demonstrate certain things that are regained in life from getting the vaccine. Some of these regained events include a grandparent playing with their grandchild; a reunion of friends; a healthcare worker greeting his child; and a family member receiving news of a new arrival. These ads and campaigns rely strongly on emotion, along with the marketing tactics presented within the HOPE sticker. Emotion in advertisement is an effective way to leave a lasting impact on viewers and motivate them into action.

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  • Emily Reece 04/30/2021 on 8:47 PM

    I think the vaccine sticker is cute; I like the use of color, as it is indeed ‘Hope’ful. I wonder what the effect would be if they used black and white only, or a more formal font.

    I’m not sure, though, why they used three different fonts. I don’t know why they would choose that handwriting font for “I got my”— actually that makes sense because it’s YOU who got your… and you might write that? Still, it looks sloppy due to its small size… Why include that at all?

    I think it lightens the mood; lightens the reality of the situation that is the reason for the vaccine.

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