Andy Warhol – The Velvet Underground & Nico

This is a well know album cover designed by the artist Andy Warhol. Although the music has made it one of the most influential albums, the cover itself may be better known by the public. I think this album cover is distinctive because it only has a banana, Andy Warhol’s signature, and “peel slowly and see”, without any signs of the band or album name. It almost seemed like the same as any other work, just placed on vinyl this time. However this bold cover design matches the music very well, both visual and music are ‘maverick’. The peel-off sticker that invites its owner to play with the cover is another rare characteristic, this definitely made the cover more interesting and help promotes its popularity. It would be fun if the design of album covers can exploit more possibilities in the future rather than keep as an “introduction”.

Discussion — One Response

  • Avery Vester 04/30/2021 on 3:51 PM

    I love that you chose this. It is very creative and unique. I think it is a brilliant cover design that interacts with the viewer. I think that it is different and that is what makes it stand out. I agree with what you said about the design promoting the album. I think this is a great post thanks for sharing.

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