Cowboy Caviar

The product that I chose to write about for the Wild Design assignment is Trader Joe’s salsa: Cowboy Caviar. Trader Joe’s is known for marketing and designing their products in a very specific way, usually being very colorful and having a clever name for many of them. This product is no exception and I really like the way they decided to design the packaging. The bright yellow/orange in the background is a way to grab the customer’s attention and contrasts with the dreary color of the actual contents inside of the jar. Having the cowboy boot and the stars added to the design is a great way to get the western, cowboy feel of the product across. I also like the fact that they have the description of the salsa in one font, but then have the words “salsa” in another typical “western” font.

Discussion — One Response

  • Amanda Rajkovic 04/30/2021 on 2:27 PM

    Whenever I shop at Trader Joe’s, I feel like I’m designing my kitchen pantry and fridge! They always seem to encapture what the product would be like. With this product, I would expect a western salsa, something I would have in the south at a local restaurant. I do find that sometimes they can mislead their customers with their designs, as I’ve been drawn to products for how they look and therefore my assumption of what they would taste like, then be disappointed by how different they turn out to be.

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