Tetra Filter

I do not love or hate the design, but I think it is portraying an effective method of advertising the product. It includes an image of a betta splenden, which is the type of fish it recommends this filter be used for. It specifies that it only should be used for a 1-4 gallon aquarium by putting it in a loud white font, outlined in red. The packaging has an image of the product inside, as the image flows into a scenic aquarium scene, giving the viewer an idea of what tank ecosystem this is used for. The filter is produced by Tetra, a well-known fish accessories company. With the contrasting yellow banner, it lets consumers who know Tetra easily look for labeled Tetra brands. The back of the box features an inside look at the components of the filter and how detailed each part is to create this filter specifically. One of the sides has a “Tetra Care” helpline, so consumers feel safe buying a product, making the company more reputable. There are mostly bright primary colors used on the front side of the packaging, however there is some green. “Internal Power Filter” is labeled in clear, black font so the consumer knows what type of filter it is, and the name, which is “Whisper”. I find interesting how compact the box is, but the advertisers of this filter design were able to input many design elements.