The Walking Dead

I have chosen a comic book for my latest Wild Design post. This comic book- The Walking Dead Deluxe #13- introduces a new story arc with a new setting. The cover artist has chosen to portray the new setting in a unique way. A prison tower is featured and within it there are a couple of zombie portraits. The prison tower acts an index for the rest of the prison which will be explored in the book. The placement of the zombie portraits “inside” of the prison tower offers a clue as to the condition of the prison- it has zombies inside of it. The juxtaposition of color is also a feature here mainly in the silhouette of the tower on the background but also in the title typeface color. These features serve to draw the eye with contrast.

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  • Emily Watts 04/29/2021 on 11:42 PM

    Hi Tony!

    I think this comic book cover has a great design, and draws the viewer in. With the large face of the zombie centered on the page, it emphasizes what will be going on at the new setting. I also agree that the color feature is effective, with the font color tying into the highlights of the zombie figure.

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