Crispy Chicken McDonalds

I decided to choose a piece of advertising that most of us pass by in our everyday lives. While getting some McDonalds, I stood in line staring at this sign and eventually decided to use it in my Wild Design. The use of bright colors, especially the yellow for the background and the red for the tab that says “new” really aligns it with the McDonalds brand. The saturation behind the the food and how it blends seamlessly with the background create an on brand look. My favorite part are the little adjectives scattered across the poster of  “deluxe,” “spicy,” and “crispy” which really plays like an advertising narrator in my head.

Discussion — One Response

  • Maddy Kelly 05/04/2021 on 9:54 AM

    I think this is a great example of design in the wild, especially as you’ve pointed out, one we pass by everyday! Your analysis of the McDonald’s branding is apt – their bright color scheme is unmistakable and even though this advertisement doesn’t even feature the brand’s name, it’s immediately clear by color scheme and typeface that this sandwich is a McDonald’s product. I’m also so glad you’ve mentioned the saturated food photography! Food photographers have some really fascinating photo tricks! Great post.

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