Charlotte Building Art

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States coming in as the 15th most populous city.  Moving here in 2006 and watching the city explode has been nothing short of astounding.  New cultures and ideologies started intertwining into our community changing the more traditional values of the southern state.  One of my favorite pastimes is visiting downtown Charlotte.  There is so much to do and see.  You are always surrounded by gargantuan skyscrapers, fine dining, and my personal favorite thing, art.  Aside from the countless museums and art exhibits, some of the best art in the city can be found in alleys or the sides of buildings.  Take this large mural on 105 E. 5th Street.  Although it’s difficult to understand at first, it becomes much clearer when disected into segments.  The first attention grabber is the giant spectrum of color bursting from the center.  This hooks the viewer and provides a eye-pleasing scene.  It clearly represents the different aspects of culture and history that has made the city into what it is now.  Looking at the bottom left, a polar bear can be seen.  This represents Charlotte’s own hockey team, the Charlotte Checkers. Looking at the bottom right, a knight helmet can be seen.  This represents Charlotte’s baseball team, the Charlotte Knights.  Above that is a miner, or better known as its nickname, a 49er.  This represents the thousands of citizens scrambling to the south, especially North Carolina, during the gold rush.  At the very top lays an outline of the unmistakeable city skyline shrouded in a mysterious opaque purple. Although Charlotte is my home city, it still holds many mysteries that I have yet to explore.  If you ever need to get away and feel free, downtown Charlotte is a place to go.

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