Environmental Graphic Design

A fascinating area of the Jaguar Land Rover Cary car dealership is this “Adventure Centre.” The area serves as a guest lounge, featuring marketing ads, a digital display, and modern interior design elements. Overall, due to some interior design changes, the area today sticks out in an awkward, unused fashion (see wide-view photo below for earlier version of the space). Nevertheless, the marketing ads, land rover emblem, and digital display serve as an appropriate contemporary example of environmental graphic design.

The marketing ads do not show the product in use, which is typical of most automobile advertisements, but simply presents clean vehicle images and attractive phrases in a straightforward, modernistic style. This meshes well with the minimalistic interior design of the dealership, and the luxurious, modern perception upheld by Land Rover as a company in general. All the non-digital text, besides the Land Rover emblem, is made up of an all-capital, sans-serif typeface—adding to the modern feel of the space. The digital display, wood panels, green Land Rover emblem, stainless steel surfaces, and even the European spelling of the word “centre” all contribute to a feeling of foreign luxuriousness and modernity when standing in the space. In general, the lounge observed from a design standpoint is quite attractive; however, the arrangement of the surrounding interior design elements makes the space feel awkward and has resulted in it being mostly unused today.