Amazon Packaging

Amazon, the worldwide shipping giant, has mastered the art of branding and advertising a huge majority of their company on all of the products. Being a company that ships millions of packages every day, they have started to put their ‘Prime’ logo on everything. For smaller packages, like the one I included above, the logo is plastered over the entire thing, and at the top, multiple other aspects of their company are shown. Things like their music streaming service, online library, and video streaming services are advertised above on the package. On larger packages, these things as well as the ‘Prime’ logo are found on the tape that the box is secured with. I normally dislike blatant and shameless advertisements, but with the amount of information that they put on a small package, I cannot help but be impressed. It is pleasant to look at and hits many of the advertisement and graphic design boxes that make something look appealing and efficient.

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  • Katherine Ryan 04/28/2021 on 4:26 PM

    Amazon packaging has become so prevalent in my life that I hardly thought of it when doing this assignment. I like that you talked about how they incorporate all of their services into the packaging not just the fact that they are a shipping company. I think Amazon is an interesting brand because of how prevalent it is in our society but rarely does one person utilize it for all of the services it offers. I wonder how different the branding is or used to be across its different services?

  • Victoria McCroary 04/29/2021 on 7:57 PM

    As someone who’s been using Amazon a lot move since going to college, I really paid much mind to the small details on the packaging. Even my mother who has an account only uses it to buy product and watch that Amazon streaming service. I guess it can be hard to juggle through so many features, similar to Google, so one would only watch to use a service for one or two things.

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