Wild Design : Frosted Flakes

Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal so this post might be a little bias. First I like the packaging of the cereal because the box is creative and thoughtful. The blue stands out well and pops with the surrounding colors. Tony the tiger being on the box only helps the cereal even more because young kids are drawn to this animated character. Having him on the box is also a great way of advertising alongside the commercials he is in. I find it interesting and amazing that they always find a way to interact with the customers that are buying the product. Whether it is some sort of game, chance to win a trip etcetera it is always engaging. Something that also stands out to me is the different typography all over the box. I like that it switches the font and size so that it is not the same type all the time, which would be boring. Lastly, I found it very interesting Frosted Flakes is not a trademark even though it is a big-name cereal. It is a description therefore it can not be a trademark.

Discussion — One Response

  • Rheanna Murray 04/24/2021 on 5:35 PM

    Even though I haven’t had them in a while, I love Frosted Flakes. While I do like the design and how Tony the Tiger is the main focus, drawing kids in, I do slightly disagree on the use of typography. In my opinion, the slogan “They’re Gr-r-reat!” not being aligned or on the same angled slant as the “Frosted Flakes” throws me off. To me it looks like a second thought and they just threw it in there despite it being their well known slogan. I wonder if it was more integrated with the image of Tony that it would have a bit more presence and fit with the design more. I also find that a lot of products gravitate using centered type, which isn’t bad, but in this case I wonder what it would look like with staggered text. For example, the “Frosted Flakes” typography has a slant so if “Kellogg’s” was left aligned and the “of Corn de Maiz” wasn’t so disregarded but more integrated by being slightly under the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of Flakes if it would flow better? This might not look good considering Tony and the cereal are centered so it could throw off the viewer, but it’s just a thought. Otherwise this design does a good job catching people’s eye with its boldness and striking use of colors and definitely gets me in the mood for some Frosted Flakes, yum!!