NC State’s Healthy Measures

Today walking back from Talley Student Union to my apartment, I was on the lookout for possible objects or things that I could write about for this “Wild Design” assignment. I saw some things that caught my eye but then I walked past a sticker that I have been trying to get to put on my computer. After getting my vaccine at Talley a couple weeks ago, I received a sticker of Ms. Wuf wearing a face mask that reads “I got my Covid-19 vaccine at NC State”, which I put on my computer. The sticker that I found on my way back to my apartment is of Mr. Wuf also wearing a facemask that says “Mask the Pack up”. I noticed that on both stickers, Mr. and Ms. Wuf are wearing the same red face masks. Both of them also feature a cartoon design aesthetic which appeals to all viewers and can be placed wherever. I like the look of the stickers and the message behind them because they both urge healthy habits to all students, faculty, and staff. The usage of our mascots indicates that NC State is not only providing the vaccines but still promoting healthy precautions that all need to be taken into account during these times.

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  • Mallory Sullivan 04/20/2021 on 10:57 PM

    Hi, thank you for your post! I also love the Mr. and Ms. Wulf COVID stickers. They appeal to all students, and even fans, of NC State and encourage them to wear masks and get vaccines. Another aspect of the sticker that I like is the contrast between the text and the background. For both “Mask the Pack up” as well as “NC State” texts, the color of the font pops out against the color in the background. The red stands out against white and the white stands out against red. This causes the audience to pay close attention to what is written on the sticker. I think that using the mascot to portray the importance of wearing a mask and getting a vaccine was a clever idea to appeal to all audiences. It is fun for the audience to see the mascot advocate for others to do their part in fighting against the pandemic. I think that utilizing an animated style was also useful to further portray a fun yet informative vibe for the sticker.

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